2019 Diary of Activities in 
the Rose Garden of Kitty and Bob Belendez
Santa Clarita, California 

By Kitty Belendez
Master Rosarian

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January 13, 2019   Today we began pruning of our roses. We hired our regular gardener to prune our roses. He and his brother did an outstanding job. They completed 90% of our front yard in 4-1/2 hours. He is so busy with his regular customers that he only has time to prune our roses on Sundays. So the next round of pruning will need to wait until next Sunday. Next week they will finish the front yard, and then begin on the back yard. They filled up four green waste barrels.

January 9, 2019   We’ve had a bit of rain this week. We needed it for sure. So in between the rains, we need to get the pruning started.

January 3, 2019  In a few weeks it will be time to begin pruning our roses. Bob is still recuperating from gall bladder surgery so we are considering hiring somebody to prune our roses for us this year. Promise of rain did not happen, so I had to water all of the potted roses, and I turned the sprinklers on for a few minutes today so that the bushes could get watered. We do not fertilize during January.

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