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How to Chip Bud Roses​
How to Prune Hybrid Tea Roses 
​How to Root Fortuniana Rootstock in Winter
​How to Groom Hybrid Tea Blooms for the Rose Show
How to Groom Rose Stem & Foliage for the Rose Show
Rejuvenating Potted Roses
Quick California Rose Pruning Using a Hedge Trimmer
How to Liquid Feed Roses Using a Submersible Pump
How to Prune Miniature Roses
How to Prune Floribunda Roses
The Aftermath of Rose Pruning
Belendez Front Garden, October 2011
Belendez Back Garden, October 2011
Belendez Back Garden, April 2016
Belendez Front Garden, April 2016

Types of Roses  by Steve Jones: For the beginner, explains the different classes of roses. Many photos. 
Rose Recommendations  by Kitty Belendez: A description of some of the roses we recommend for the Santa Clarita Valley, includes color photos of the best.
Portland Roses by H. Scott Hansen. History of the old Portland roses.
China Roses by Steve Jones, tells all about the history of China roses and gives examples.
Old Garden Rose Primer  by Steve Jones: An overview of OGR rose types, many color photos.
Photos of Old Garden Roses
Fabulous Floribunda Roses  by Kitty Belendez:  Explains the different types of floribundas.
Lots of photos of the best ones.
Hybrid Gallica Roses by Steve Jones, discusses various hybrid gallica roses and their history.
Roses That Climb  by Steve Jones: A discussion of the various types of climbers. Color photos.
Miniature Roses  by Kitty Belendez: Tells about the versatility of using miniature roses in today's landscape. Many color photos.
About Polyanthas by H. Scott Hansen. Gives history and parentage of polyanthas.
Winning Shrub Roses  by Kitty Belendez:  Discusses some of the best English shrub roses for exhibiting, and for the garden, too. Color photos.
About Noisette Roses by Steve Jones. Gives background and growing habits of the Noisettes.
About Moss Roses by H. Scott Hansen. Tells all about the lovely and fragrant moss roses.
Hybrid Teas  by Kitty Belendez:  The history of the "Queen of Modern Roses."
Favorite Polyanthas Roses  by Robert B. Martin, Jr.: Bob tells about the history of the polyantha roses and some of the best polyanthas available today. Color photos.
Tea Roses and the Landscape  by Steve Jones. Describes various tea roses and how they can be used in the landscape.
About Species Roses by H. Scott Hansen. Discusses the ancient species roses of the world.
Sophisticated Singles  by Kitty Belendez. Tells all about the 5-petalled roses.
Miniflora Review by Steve Jones. A discussion about the mini-flora class of roses.

Arcanum Miniature Rose by Suzanne Horn. Beautiful color and lots of blooms.
Bee's Knees Miniature Rose by Kitty Belendez. A favorite miniature rose of many rose lovers.
Gemini Hybrid Tea Rose by Kitty Belendez. The number one exhibition hybrid tea in SoCal.
Yellow Lady Banks Rose by Jan Parsoneault. Also known as Rosa banksiae lutea, this rose produces a massive display of yellow blooms in the spring.
St Patrick Hybrid Tea Rose by Kitty Belendez. A favorite hot weather rose with unusual yellow and green petals.
Rose de Rescht by Suzanne M. Horn. The author shares her in-depth research about this antique rose. 
That Wonderful Rose Named Peace  by Kitty Belendez. The story of the most popular rose of the 20th century.
Rose Photo Gallery  A selection of photos of all kinds of easy-to-grow roses for Southern California gardeners.

EASY Rose Care Calendar  (downloadable pdf version). by Kitty Belendez. For the lazy gardener, or for those who only have time to do the bare minimum for their roses. (2018)
Monthly Rose Care Calendar  by Kitty Belendez: Month by month detailed rose care with complete explanations (WEB PAGE).
Exhibitor's Rose Care Calendar (downloadable pdf version) by Kitty Belendez: Annual at-a-glance chart of what an exhibitor does to get those prize-winning roses. (2018)

Container Roses  by Kitty Belendez: Gives the pros and cons of growing roses in the ground versus growing them in pots.
10 Principles of Rose Pruning by Robert B. Martin, Jr. A step-by-step guide for how to prune roses.
Maximize Your Minis  by Kitty Belendez: How to get the best from mini roses.
Make a Rose Bed  by Steve Jones:  Tells how to make a rose bed.
Planting Bareroot Roses  by Kitty Belendez: Tells how to properly plant roses.
Pruning Miniature Roses by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Explains all the details of how to properly prune miniature roses.
Pruning Roses in Winter  by Kitty Belendez: Gives the basics on winter pruning of roses. Before and after photos!
Pruning Roses in Late Summer for Fall Bloom -- Kitty Belendez
The Deep Deadhead for Fall Blooms by Lynn-Snetsinger Merchant. How to ensure your roses bloom during the fall season.
Rejuvenate Your Potted Roses  by Kitty Belendez: When it's time to give your potted roses a new lease on life.
Thumb Pruning by Lynn Snetsinger-Merchant. The Art, Science, and Philosophy of Thumb Pruning Your Roses to encourage bigger blooms.
How to Start Bare Root Roses in Containers by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Tells how to get bareroot roses off to a great start by planting them into containers.
You Tube Video on Pruning Hybrid Tea Roses produced by Bob and Kitty Belendez.

Balancing Your pH  by Steve Jones: Explains how to improve your soil by balancing the pH.
Magic Elixirs  by Kitty Belendez. Learn about the magic potions for growing great roses.
A Dietary Roadmap by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Tells about how and when to fertilize your roses.
Methods of Fertilizing  by Kitty Belendez: Tells different ways of fertilizing roses.
Mulching Roses  by Kitty Belendez:  Explains how to reap the rewards of mulching your roses.
Soil Critters  by Steve Jones: Discusses the microscopic organisms that live in our soil.
The Submersible Pump  by Kitty Belendez. Talks about how to use the submersible pump for efficiently fertilizing roses.
Earthworms and Roses by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Explains the benefits of having earthworms in the rose garden, and how to attract them. 

Mildew Malady  by Paulette Mouchet. Organic alternatives to mildew prevention on roses.
Organic Correctness  by Kathy DeRoo:  Discusses organic materials used in the rose garden and how to avoid overdoing it.
Organic. What's In a Word?  by Paulette Mouchet. Explains the meaning of "organic."
Natural & Organic Products for Roses  by Lynn Snetsinger-Merchant. Commercially Available Natural/Organic Products for Roses
Quick California Compost  by Lynn Bennett. Tells the benefits of using compost in the rose garden and how to make it.

pH and Pesticides by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Explains how and why the pH of water can affect pesticide use.
Rose Pests (Bugs & Diseases)  by Kitty Belendez: Just an overview of the various bugs and diseases that plague roses. Many close-up photos!
Chilli Thrips in Southern California by Kitty Belendez
Yikes! It's Scale Insects  by Kitty Belendez. Tells about San Jose Scale and the extreme damage this nasty insect can do to roses.
Pesticide Primer  by Steve Jones:  Gives an overview of pesticides and how to safely use them.
How to Spray Roses by Robert B. Martin. Jr. -- Gives all the details of how to safely spray your roses.
The Good Guys by Baldo Villegas. This page is devoted to the beneficial organisms or the good guys/ladies of the rose garden. Lots of friendly bug photos.
Know Your Friendly Pesticides by Steve Jones. An in-depth discussion of many types of discussions, their chemical make up, and how they are used.
Selecting a Sprayer by Robert B. Martin. Discusses how to select an appropriate sprayer for spraying pesticides on your roses.

Bud, Bloom, and Beyond by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Discusses how to care for roses. 
Rose Skirts  by Kitty Belendez: Explains how to make cool and classy skirts for potted roses to help keep them cool in hot weather. Includes a photo.
Water and Roses by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Tells how to water roses and explains why.
Rings Around the Roses  by Kitty Belendez:  Tells how to make rings around roses to keep water and nutrients contained around each bush. Includes a photo.
How to Grow Roses in Santa Clarita Valley. 48-page booklet may be purchased from our rose society.
The Right Amount of Water by Kitty Belendez: Discusses the proper use of water for growing great roses.
All That They Can Be by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Discusses how to bring roses to the next higher level.
How Much Space Do Roses Need by Kitty Belendez. Ever wonder how far apart to plant roses. This article is a helpful guide.
The Magic Water Wand by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Gives the secrets for keeping your roses well watered with the handy dandy Water Wand.
Raising Minis to New Heights  by Kitty Belendez. Explains how to grow potted minis at heights that are easy to work with.

Descanso Gardens by John Birsner. History of the beautiful Descanso Gardens, Ranchero to Rosarium.
Exhibitor's Rose Garden  by Kitty Belendez: Lots of photos!
Our Rose Gardens  Photos and write-ups of private rose gardens of members.

Our Rose Show  by Kitty Belendez. Tells all about our annual rose show and how to exhibit.
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Santa Clarita Rose Show Archives
Why We Show Roses by Robert B. Martin, Jr. This article offers some compelling reasons to consider displaying home grown roses at rose shows.
Exhibitor's Grooming Kit  by Kitty Belendez:  A look at all the neat stuff an exhibitor uses for grooming their roses. Photos!
Exhibitor's Rose Care Calendar  by Kitty Belendez: Annual guide of what an exhibitor does to get those prize-winning roses.
The Deep Deadhead for Fall Blooms by Lynn Snetsinger. Tells how to get your roses to bloom during the fall season.
Novice Rose Exhibitor  by Kitty Belendez: Just the basics for the new exhibitor.
Pruning for Fall Rose Shows  by Kitty Belendez: Forcing a second major bloom cycle for the fall rose shows in Southern California. Photos!
Understanding the Bloom Cycles of Roses by Lynn Snetsinger
Flying Roses to the Rose Show  by Kitty Belendez. Complete details on transporting roses via air.
Packing Roses in 80-Quart Cooler  by Kitty Belendez. Instructions for packing large roses into the 80-quart coolers for transporting by air. Several full color photos.
All Rose Shows are NOT Created Equal  by Kitty Belendez. Explains the differences between local, district, and national rose shows. Gives brief transportation techniques, as well as tips for successful exhibiting.
Exhibiting Old Garden Roses  by Steve Jones. Tells all the details about selecting, grooming, and exhibiting old garden roses.
Putting Your Best Face Forward  by Brian Donn. Explains the way to groom your roses for the rose show.
Keeping a Full Bank  by Kitty Belendez. Tells about the top exhibition roses for Southern California rose shows, also known as "Bankers."
Southern California Mentor Exhibitors  by Kitty Belendez. Discusses how mentor exhibitors help to train the novice exhibitors for Southern California rose shows.
Wedging by Harold Baker. This exhibitor from Florida explains how and why to wedge your rose exhibits.
Placement & Clerking At-a-Glance  by Kitty Belendez. Tells about two important workers at a rose show and how they can help make your rose show successful.
How to Produce a Successful Rose Show  by Kitty Belendez. Discusses how a rose society can produce a successful rose show with advance planning and volunteers.
A Rose Cooler for Our Mini-Van  by Kitty Belendez. Tells how to make a cooler for transporting roses to exhibitions.
How to Become a Rose Judge Gives the requirements for becoming an American Rose Society Horticultural Rose Judge.
How Roses are Judged  by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Explains all the criteria for winning a ribbon at a rose show.
An Accidental Experiment with Refrigerating Roses by Kitty Belendez. Tells how roses can be preserved for 10 days in the refrigerator.
Show Off Your Dazzling Rose in a Bowl by Kitty Belendez. Discusses all about displaying rose blooms floating in clear water in bowls and other containers.

The Fine Art of Breeding Roses  by Kathy DeRoo: Discussion of how to propagate roses by cross-pollenating different varieties.
Propagating Roses by Cuttings  by Kitty Belendez: Tells different ways of making cuttings of roses to make new plants.
Rooting Hormones by Robert B. Martin, Jr. Explains all about rooting hormones and how to use them for propagating roses.
How to Grow Roses From Seed  by Kitty Belendez. Easy and simple method of hybridizing roses by seed. Many Photos.
Discover Your Roots  by Kathy DeRoo:  Explains the different kinds of rose rootstocks used in propagating roses.
Back to Your Roots  by Kathy DeRoo. Update on rootstocks.
How to Make a Misting Box  by Kitty Belendez: Detailed instructions for making a misting box for propagating roses. Many photos of the project. 
Ralph Moore  by Kathy DeRoo. Tells the story of the pioneer of rose breeding frontiers.
Harmon Saville and His Magical Minis  by Kathy DeRoo. Life story of the great miniature rose breeder.
The Glorious Roses of Joe Winchel  by Kathy DeRoo. Discusses how Joe Winchel hybridized his roses.
Frank Strickland  by Kathy DeRoo. Tells how an amateur hybridizer hit the AARS jackpot by developing the hybrid tea St. Patrick.
How I Propagate Roses by Harold Baker. Top Florida exhibitor explains how he propagates.
Frank Benardella by Kitty Belendez. Partial list of Frank's roses accompanied by a few photos.
Improved Techniques for Propagating Rose Cuttings by Kitty Belendez
Our Ultimate Technique for Budding Roses by Kitty Belendez. Explains a great way of doing chip budding with roses.
YouTube Video on Chip Budding Roses produced by Kitty & Bob Belendez
How to Prepare Rose Cuttings for Mailing by Kitty Belendez

Protect Yourself in the Garden by Kitty Belendez

Preserving Cut Roses  by Kitty Belendez: Gives various methods of having your cut roses last as long as possible.
Roses in Art- Series  by Steve Jones: Lots of photos of the great masters with brief discussion of each artist. Many photos!
Roses in Art, Part 1
Roses in Art, Part 2
Roses in Art, Part 3
Roses in Art, Part 4
Let's Get Digital  by Kitty Belendez. Explains in a non-technical way, how to photograph roses using a digital camera. 
Requirements to be a Consulting Rosarian Gives the details on how one can become an American Rose Society Consulting Rosarian
Where's the Fragrance? by Steve Jones. Talks about the lack of fragrance in modern roses.
Fragrance Revisited by Steve Jones
Fragrance in Roses  by Kim Rupert: Discusses the reasons for the  lack of fragrance in modern roses.
The Fragrant Garden by Steve Jones. In-depth article discusses the many fragrant plants that including roses.
Favorite Fragrant Roses by Kitty Belendez. A partial list of very fragrant roses that grow well in warm climates.
Felco Pruner Care & Maintenance  Article explains how to keep your Felco pruners in tip-top shape.
Kitty's Rose Blog  The secret diary of a rose nut.
About the Webmaster  A complete bio on our webmaster Kitty Belendez.



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